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The Top 250 Design Survey 2015 - Oct 2015   Full Article
Executive editor Darius Helm analyzes the results of this year's survey of the nation's top design firms, including top projects, new markets, priorities, top problems and color and design trends, along with designers' favorite flooring manufacturers.

Hardwood Update: Independent retailers find ways to thrive - Oct 2015   Full Article
Senior editor Calista Sprague discusses the challenges of selling hardwood flooring with key retailer experts from Nebraska Furniture Mart, Great Floors and Rusmur Floors, covering everything from big box competition to installation and refinishing.

Flooring Needs in Healthcare: Flooring opportunities in an evolving market - Oct 2015   Full Article
Editor Jessica Chevalier writes about the acute care market and how it is evolving, including a section on the hospitals of tomorrow as well as a section on the science of creating a healing environment.

Other FloorFocus Articles
Independent Contractor or Employee: Agencies are cracking down on retailers - Oct 2015   Full Article
Bradford G. Harvey, a Tennessee lawyer specializing in labor and employment, offers a comprehensive overview of the issues surrounding the misclassification of employees as independent contractors, along with the legal challenges in specific cases.

Installation standards, WFCA and CFI, Mullican's 30th: Strategic Exchange - Oct 2015   Full Article
Publisher Kemp harr discusses the installer problem and on CRI's revised carpet installation standard, and he also weighs in on CFI becoming a division of WFCA. The column also includes a report on Mullican's celebration of its 30th anniversary.

Hollander Design Group's Viveca Bissonnette: Focus on Leadership - Oct 2015   Full Article
Publisher Kemp Harr interviews Viveca Bissonnette, discussing her career path and mentors as well as the development of the modern office design and the role of flooring in that evolution.

Studio Hive designs MarketingLab's new offices: Designer Forum - Oct 2015   Full Article
Rebecca Kundysek, a designer with Studio Hive, describes the challenges her firm faced in designing an interior to a historic building, as well as how Mohawk carpet tile helped achieve the vision of the designers.

CB Flooring's Eastern Seaboard operations: Best Practices - Oct 2015   Full Article
Editor Jessica Chevalier profiles CB Flooring, an 18-year-old firm serving both the residential and commercial markets in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia through two retail operations, two commercial businesses and two to-th-trade locations.

SEO vs PPC--What are they and why should you invest in them? - Oct 2015   Full Article
Digital Evolution—Jay Flynn, VP of sales and marketing at Creating Your Space, offers a comprehensive comparison of SEO and PPC tools, and makes a case for why each of these Internet tools can help increase store traffic and sales.

Engineered products take marketshare despite falling lumber prices - Oct 15   Full Article
Wood Cuts—Contributing editor Brett Miller, vice president of education and certification for the National Wood Flooring Association, discusses the growth in engineered flooring and explains its growth in the current market.

State of Sustainability 2015: Manufacturers adapt to market transformations   Full Article
Aug/Sep 2015—Exec. editor Darius Helm offers a comprehensive overview of green progress in the flooring industry, with reports on trends, green tools and product developments, along with updates on dozens of the industry's leading flooring manufacturers.

Carpet Reclamation Update: Demand for recycled fibers continues to fall - Aug/Sep 2015   Full Article
Executive editor Darius Helm reports on the state of carpet reclamation, including an update from CARE as well as several processors and recyclers, along with analysis of reduced demand for recycled nylon and the development of end use PET markets.

Environmental Impacts: J+J Flooring attains zero waste to landfill certification   Full Article
Aug/Sep 2015—Exec. editor Darius Helm takes a look at the challenges to reducing environmental footprints, and he takes a close look at what J+J had to do in order to become the first flooring manufacturer with a certification for zero waste to landfill.

Laminate Update: Innovative design and premium product mix sustain the category   Full Article
Aug/Sep 2015—Sr editor Calista Sprague reports on the state of the laminate industry from formaldehyde concerns to performance attributes, competition from other flooring categories, design trends, ingredients, applications, channels and commoditization.

Multi-Family Markets and Trends: Shifting into a higher gear - Aug/Sep 2015   Full Article
Senior editor Calista Sprague first maps out the market, then examines the major influences on multi-family growth, followed by a look at what types of flooring are used in the market, as well as their qualities and where they are installed.

Roppe Celebrates 60 Years: A family picnic markes the milestone - Aug/Sep 2015   Full Article
Senior editor Calista Sprague reports on Roppe's recent celebration of its 60th anniversary with a look back on the history of the firm and a report on the celebration itself, which took place on July 18 at Ole Zim's Wagon Shed in Gibsonburg, Ohio.

Housing, carpet numbers, Home Depot, Metroflor, USGBC: Strategic Exchange   Full Article
Aug/Sep 2015—Publisher Kemp Harr discusses housing inventory, breaks out carpet by end use markets, analyzes Home Depot's LifeProof carpet, explains Metroflor's use of Green Globe, and comments on Rick Fedrizzi's pending retirement from the USGBC.

Michael Braungart, environmental chemist: Focus on Leadership   Full Article
Aug/Sep 2015—Publisher Kemp Harr interviews Michael Braungart, co-founder of McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry and founder of the EPEA, with topics ranging from green flooring, PVC and cradle-to-cradle strategies to challenges to full transparency.

CTA's design of Scentsy's Idaho headquarters: Designer Forum   Full Article
Aug/Sep 2015—Randi Thomas with CTA Architects Engineers discusses how the project, which attained a four Green Globes certification, used products from Interface, Shaw Contract, Mannington, Masland and Daltile to achieve its environmental goals.

Salinas, California based Wheeler's Flooring: Best Practices   Full Article
Aug/Sep 2015—Editor Jessica Chevalier profiles Wheeler's Flooring, a 40-year-old business that serves the residential & commercial markets. The family-owned firm has diverse operations, including a Costco partnership and a thriving wholesale business.

How to overcome assumptions that block your people power   Full Article
Aug/Sep 2015—Contributing editor Sam Allman challenges readers to build more relationships and achieve greater success through embracing diversity. His column includes tips and also details several assumptions that are barriers to accepting change.

Style, fashion and technology in tile: Tile Files - Aug/Sep 2015   Full Article
Tile expert Ryan Fasan discusses a range of different design and technology trends in ceramic tile, with images from Spanish tile companies, including Peronda, Roca, Apavisa, Vives and Inalco.

Healthcare Market: Contractor's Corner - Aug/Sep 2015   Full Article
Contributing editor Dave Stafford focuses on the healthcare market, walking readers through the process of getting engaged with that market and offering advice on how contract dealers can determine if it's a market they want to go after.

Survey 2015: What the Retailers Think - July 2015   Full Article
Executive editor Darius Helm offers analysis and interpretation of the results of this year's survey of independent flooring retailers, covering everything from sales and earnings to top problems, ad strategies and favorite flooring manufacturers.

Trends in Education: Market analysis, trends and manufacturer updates   Full Article
July 2015—Senior editor Calista Sprague examines the education market, including updates from producers of education flooring, including Johnsonite, Tandus Centiva, Mohawk, Shaw, Interface, Forbo, Mannington, Bentley, J+J, Armstrong, Roppe and Flexco

Concrete Moisture: Strategies for avoiding flooring failures - July 2015   Full Article
Editor Jessica Chevalier discusses the challenges inherent in concrete installations, the problems related to drying the product, and how new materials are helping the industry come up with lasting solutions.

Virtual Tools, Authentic Design - July 2015   Full Article
Senior editor Calista Sprague reports on a forum, hosted by Tricycle, a technology firm best known for its realistic digital sampling products. The forum covers technology and design, and the efficiencies they bring to businesses, along with other topics.

Trends and highlights from the commercial interiors show: NeoCon 2015   Full Article
July 2015—Floor Focus' editorial team offers a comprehensive review of this year's NeoCon, the largest commercial interiors show in North America, with trends reports and indepth descriptions of noteworthy introductions from commercial flooring producers.

Residential carpet, Asian LVT, Aquafil, biophilia: Strategic Exchange   Full Article
July 2015—Publisher Kemp Harr on carpet's residential share loss, offers insights into LVT production in Asia, reports on Aquafil's Sweet 16 event, discusses new leadership in flooring from non-flooring professionals, weighs in on biophilia at NeoCon.

Piet Dossche, founder and CEO of US Floors: Focus on Leadership   Full Article
July 2015—Publisher Kemp Harr interviews Piet Dossche, with topics ranging from his background and career to the creation of US Floors and the development of Coretec, the firm's hugely popular LVT with a cork cushioned back and waterproof core.

HMFH Architect's design of Thompson Elementary School: Designer Forum   Full Article
July 2015—Lori Cowles and Melissa Green with HMFH Architects describe its Thompson Elementary School project and detail how Forbo linoleum and Milliken carpet tile helped the firm achieve its final design.

Mike's Flooring Companies: Best Practices - July 2015   Full Article
Editor Jessica Chevalier profiles Mike's Flooring Companies, which has nine locations in Connecticut, New Jersey, Georgia, Florida, Rhode Island, North Carolina and Virginia, serving the commercial, residential and multi-family markets.

Performance and maintenance in school flooring: Flooring Forensics   Full Article
July 2015—Contributing editor Lew Migliore discusses the performance requirements for flooring in k-12 and higher education, and he also weighs in on challenges in installing hard surface flooring, and also how it can help solve problems.

Maryanne Adams on strategies for engaging customers: Successful Selling   Full Article
July 2015—Publisher Kemp Harr interviews Maryanne Adams, CEO of Avalon Flooring, about everything from finding good salespeople to the best ways to earn the trust of customers and how to help them find the product they want.

DesignOvations: Heather Lombard - July 2015   Full Article
Heather Lombard with CDH Partners describes her current favorite flooring, including carpet tile in new formats, like Shaw's 18"x36" products, as well as LVT from Mannington and Gerflor's Sumbioz commercial sheet vinyl.