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A news and interviews program, our news coverage focuses on the players and events from all segments of the industry including; suppliers, manufacturers distributors and members of the retail community.

Todd van der Kruik Discusses Bentley's Brand Focus and NeoCon Product Launch

July 2, 2013—Todd van der Kruik, VP of Design for Bentley, and Kemp Harr, discuss Bentley's brand focus and NeoCon launch. Listen to the interview to hear more about the decisions that are being made to revitalize this renewed brand and also hear a little about Todd's past experience.

Kennedy Frierson Discusses The Dixie Groups New Avant Contract Brand

July 1, 2013—Kennedy Frierson, COO With the Dixie Group, and Kemp Harr, discuss Dixie's new Avant Contract brand. Listen to the interview to hear more about this new bold contract brand that will focus primarily on the commercial office sector with mostly modular carpet using an Artisan theme. The new brand's website is

Bob Plann with Resource Arizona Talks about NeoCon and NeoCant in Arizona

June 27, 2913—Bob Plann, a principal with Resource Arizona, and Kemp Harr, discuss NeoCon but focus on NeoCant, an event that he hosts every year for those designers and end-users in Arizona that can't make the trip to Chicago. Listen to the interview to hear more details about this event scheduled for tonight in Phoenix.

John Stephens Discusses NeoCon and Shaw Contracts New Factory in China

June 26, 2013—John Stephens VP of Marketing with Shaw Contract Group and Kemp Harr, discuss a few points about Neocon but focus most of this interview on Shaw's expanded global presence. Listen to the interview to hear an informative discussion about whether design aesthetics can work in a global marketplace across all regions. Also hear John give a quick update on their Design Is contest.

David Sheehan Discusses the Integration of Amtico with Mannington Commercial

June 21, 2013—David Sheehan, the New VP of Commercial Hard Surfaces for Mannington Commercial, and Kemp Harr discuss the ongoing integration of Amtico and Mannington Commercial both overall and at NeoCon. Listen to the interview to hear more about David's role and how the two brands are being integrated.

Lindsey Waldrep Discusses Crossville's New Initiatives For the Contract Market At NeoCon 2013

June 20, 2013—Lindsey Waldrep, VP of Marketing with Crossville, and Kemp Harr, discuss Crossville's key initiatives for the contract market that were being discussed at NeoCon 2013. Listen to the interview to hear more details on their focus on color with the new Argent collection as well as thicker Laminam products which are better suited for flooring installations.

John McGrath on Install's Warranty Program Tied to Certified Contractors

June 19, 2013—John McGrath, Director for Install, and Kemp Harr, discuss the new installation warranty program that was introduced last week at NeoCon. Through this program, end users can have their floorcovering installations guaranteed by Install as long as they use one of Install's Certified Contractors. This program includes carpet, resilient and hardwood installations in both commercial and residential sectors.

Jackie Dettmar Discusses The Mohawk Group's Award Winning Design Visualization Tool

June 18, 2013—Jackie Dettmar, VP of Commercial Product Development and Design with Mohawk, and Kemp Harr, discuss Mohawk'd DesignFlex visualization tool that won an innovation award at NeoCon in Chicago last week. Listen to the interview to hear more about how this tool works and about some of the other highlights from Mohawk at NeoCon 2013.

Barbara Haaksma Discusses Milliken's Art Media Collection from NeoCon

June 17, 2013—Barbara Haaksma, VP of Design and Marketing with Milliken, and Kemp Harr, discuss Milliken's Art Media which won a Best of Show award in the modular carpet category. Listen to the interview to hear what inspired Cresta Bledsoe when she designed this product and also to hear more details about the collection.

Reesie Duncan Discusses Shaw Contract's Award Winning Modular Hexigon Product

June 14, 2013—Reesie Duncan, Creative Director for Shaw Contract, and Kemp Harr, discuss Shaw's Best of NeoCon silver award for its Hexagon modular carpet product. Listen to the interview to hear about Shaw's take on this year's NeoCon show and how business conditions look. nobis melao Chrome Hearts Jewelry Online Chrome Hearts Hoodie nobis nobis parka