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A news and interviews program, our news coverage focuses on the players and events from all segments of the industry including; suppliers, manufacturers distributors and members of the retail community.

Wanda Dunaway, with Shaw Contract, Discusses the Changes in LEED with V4

November 22, 2013—Wanda Dunaway, Market Segment Director with Shaw Contract, and Kemp Harr, discuss the recent changes in the LEED certification with the roll out of V4 which went into effect at Greenbuild this week. Listen to the interview to hear Wanda (who has LEED AP accreditation) tell our listeners how these changes will impact floorcovering companies.

Diane Martel Discusses Tarkett's New EHS Transparency Tool at Greenbuild

November 21, 2013—Diane Martel, VP of Environmental Planning and Strategy with Tarkett NA, and Kemp Harr,discuss the company's new program called Environmental Health Statements. Listen to the interview to find out how the program follows the Cradle to Cradle model but is different than Environmental Product Statements. Also, find out how the program takes Tarkett's sustainability program to a new level.

Kevin Biederman Discusses Armstrong's New LVT Plant in Lancaster

November 20, 2013—Kevin Biederman, Senior Vice President of Residential Flooring at Armstrong World Industries, and Kemp Harr, discuss Armstrong's new $41 million LVT plan project in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Listen to the interview to find out when the plant will be up and running and reach full capacity, and why Armstrong decided to build the plant in the U.S. Also learn how Kevin sees near-term business conditions in the overall residential market.

Randy Merritt Discusses Shaw Floors' Grand Central Station Holiday Torture Test

November 19, 2013—Randy Merritt, President of Shaw Industries, and Kemp Harr, discuss Shaw's flooring installation at Grand Central Station in New York City. Listen to the interview to find out why Shaw chose the rail station to test residential carpet and several flooring types during the station's holiday fair. Also find out how Randy sees market conditions and his assessment of business in 2013.

Marc Ammen and Don Campbell Discuss Universal Fibers' Latest Acquisition

November 18, 2013—Marc Ammen, CEO, and Don Campbell, Vice President of Business for Universal Fibers, and Kemp Harr, discuss technology the company purchased for its fiber business. Listen to the interview to find out how big the company's carpet fiber business is, and how its diversity sets the company apart in the industry. Also, find out how the company sees business conditions for next year.

George Roth and Craig Folven Discuss the Recent Growth Within the Membership of the NAFCD

November 15, 2013—George Roth, Outgoing President of the North American Association of Floor Covering Distributors (NAFCD); Craig Folven, Incoming President; and Kemp Harr, discuss recent developments in the association and what it hopes to accomplish in the next year. Listen to the interview to find out how distribution as an industry has changed over the last few years, as well as information about current business conditions.

Jeff Hamar Discusses the Strategy Behind Galleher's Rapid Growth

November 14, 2013—Jeff Hamar, President of flooring distributor Galleher, and Kemp Harr, talk about the history of the company and the recent growth of the business. Listen to the interview to find out how the company survived through the downturn and has positioned itself to appeal to the high end ($5 million-plus) of the California housing market, and how the company attacks different channels.

Chris Ramey Discusses Ways in Which Retailers Can Capture the Attention of the Affluent Consumer

November 13, 2013—Chris Ramey of Affluent Insights, and Kemp Harr, discuss who is considered to be affluent today and how those consumers affect the floorcovering industry. Listen to the interview to find out why the value proposition of flooring, not cost, is key to selling to this group. Find out the importance of focusing on a customer's lifestyle rather than on the transaction, as well as the things a company can do to appeal to the upper income customer.

Jay Smith Discusses the Multi-Family and Single Family Builder Markets

November 12, 2013—Jay Smith, President of Floor Expo (FEI Group), and Kemp Harr, discuss the stable multi-family housing market and recovering single-family builder market. Jay has just returned from his annual meeting and was armed with the latest statistics from his members. Floor Expo is a membership organization of floor contractors who focus on these two sectors. Listen to the interview for more details.

Dan Frierson Discusses The Dixie Group's Exceptional Q3 Performance

November 11, 2013—Dan Frierson, Chairman of The Dixie Group, and Kemp Harr, discuss Dixie's revenue and earnings growth as reported 2 weeks ago in its investor conference call. Listen to the interview to hear Dan discuss why he thinks Dixie is outpacing the market for growth in both the residential and commercial floorcovering sectors. Also hear Dan say that he thinks the industry will see growth for at least the next two years. nobis melao Chrome Hearts Jewelry Online Chrome Hearts Hoodie nobis nobis parka