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A news and interviews program, our news coverage focuses on the players and events from all segments of the industry including; suppliers, manufacturers distributors and members of the retail community.

Delia Passi and Melissa Minihan Discuss Stainmaster's Women's Choice Award

July 29, 2013—Delia Passi, founder of the Women's Choice Award; Melissa Minihan, VP of Marketing with Invista; and Kemp Harr, discuss last week's news that Stainmaster had won the 2013 Women's Choice Award. Listen to the interview to hear more details about the award, how the Stainmaster brand was picked and how Invista plans to tie its retailers in with this news.

Wanda Ellis Discusses the Floor-Tek Expo

July 27, 2013—Wanda Ellis, Executive Director with American Floorcovering Alliance, and Kemp Harr, discuss the Floor-Tek expo scheduled for September 10-12 in Dalton, Georgia. Listen to the interview to hear more details about how this show is shaping up and some changes that have been made to attract more attendees.

Chad Ogden Discusses QFloors' Web Based Software Tool

July 25, 2013—Chad Ogden, CEO with QFloors, and Kemp Harr, discuss QFloors' web based software tool for the floorcovering industry. Listen to the interview to hear more about the software tool that won an innovation award at the Surfaces Expo earlier this year.

Kermit Baker Discusses the AIA Billing Index and the Residential Housing Market

July 24, 2013—Harvard Economist Kermit Baker, and Kemp Harr, discuss the June Architectural Billing Index and Kermit's perspective on what affect that will have on the "non-residential" construction market of the next 9 to 12 months. Kermit also talks about the Annual Report put out by the Joint Center for Housing studies and his perspective on where the housing market is today. Listen to the interview for more details.

Rick Moon with Propex Discusses the Uptick in Carpet Volume in Dalton

July 23, 2013—Rick Moon, Sr. Account Executive with Propex, and Kemp Harr, discuss Rick's perspective on how this year's carpet production in Dalton compares to previous years. Listen to the interview to hear him talk about how consolidation, along with yarn and dyeing shifts, have altered the overall dynamics of the carpet business in the Dalton area.

Jim Curtin Discuss Shaw Living's Experience at the Atlanta Rug Market

July 17, 2013—Jim Curtin, VP of Sales with Shaw Living, and Kemp Harr, discuss the Atlanta Rug market. Listen to the interview to hear Jim talk about the health of this market and recent fashion trends in rugs.

Kevin Malkiewicz Discusses the Atlanta Rug Market

July 16, 2013—Kevin Malkiewicz, VP of Leasing for AmericasMart, and Kemp Harr, discuss the summer Rug Market held last week in Atlanta. Listen to the interview to hear about a few of the trends in fashion as well as how the consumer shops for rugs.

Ralph Boe, Mike McAllister Discuss Beaulieu's Indulgence Consumer Sweepstakes Promotion

July 15, 2013—Ralph Boe and Mike McAllister, Co-CEO and Director of Marketing (respectively) with Beaulieu of America, and Kemp Harr, discuss the Indulgence Consumer sweepstakes promotion which runs from July 1 to the end of September. Listen to the interview to hear more about this promotion which is targeted at consumers and to retailers. Ralph also talks about current market conditions.

Vern Yip with HGTV Discusses His Keynote Session For FloorTek in September

July 12, 2013—Vern Yip, celebrity designer for HGTV and a business owner in Atlanta, and Kemp Harr, talk about Yip's upcoming role as the keynote speaker at the FloorTek Expo this fall. Listen to the interview to hear about the topics Yip will address at the Expo and trends he is seeing in flooring.

Bob Weiner Discusses the Launch of Totally Carpet

July 10, 2013—Bob Weiner, Owner of Totally Enterprises, and Kemp Harr, discuss the launch of Totally Carpet, a new carpet mill and carpet brand focused on servicing the contract interiors market. Listen to the interview to hear Bob talk about his motivation to launch this brand and its unique fit as a service oriented offering to the Architect and Interior Design (A&D) market. nobis melao Chrome Hearts Jewelry Online Chrome Hearts Hoodie nobis nobis parka