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A news and interviews program, our news coverage focuses on the players and events from all segments of the industry including; suppliers, manufacturers distributors and members of the retail community.

Franco Rossi Discusses Aquafil USA's Expansion in Cartersville, Georgia

July 31, 2014—Franco Rossi, President of Aquafil USA, and Kemp Harr, discuss Aquafil's $25 million expansion in Cartersville, Georgia which is almost completed. Listen to the interview to hear how Aquafil has been able to expand in a relatively flat carpet market.

Scott Sandlin Discusses Shaw's Domestic Hardwood Expansion

July 29, 2014—Scott Sandlin, VP of Hard Surfaces for Shaw Industries, and Kemp Harr, discuss Shaw's expansion of its Epic hardwood plant in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. Listen to the interview to hear more details about the strategy behind that expansion plus an update on market dynamics.

David Crowe with NAHB Discusses Remodeler Index and Home Building Outlook for 2014

July 28, 2014—David Crowe, Chief Economist with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), and Kemp Harr discuss the strong remodeler index that was released last week and the outlook for home buiding for the remainder of the year. Listen to the interview to hear David provide more information on this and also give his thoughts on why new home sales were weak in June.

Jenny Cross Discusses Mohawk's 2013 Sustainability Report

July 23, 2014—Jenny Cross, VP of corporate Sustainability with Mohawk, and Kemp Harr, discuss Mohawk's 2013 Sustainability Report released earlier this week. Listen to the interview to hear more details about Mohawk's growth to $7.7 billion in revenue, their mix of hard to soft surfaces and a few highlights from this year's report.

Sharon Paley with Ecore Discusses Recent Hospital Noise Study

July 22, 2014—Sharon Paley, an acoustical engineer with Ecore International, and Kemp Harr, discuss a recent white paper that studies the effect floorcovering can have on noise levels inside a hospital. Listen to the interview to hear more about this study and its findings that certain smooth surface materials can perform as well as carpet in reducing hospital noise levels.

Paul Murray Discusses Shaw's New Sustainability Report

July 18, 2014—Paul Murray, VP of Sustainability for Shaw Industries, and Kemp Harr, discuss the newly released Annual Sustainability Report. Listen to the interview to hear a couple of the highlights of this 100-page report including some interesting financial data, investment data and Shaw's transparency focus moving forward.

Jim Walker Discusses CFI's Annual Meeting and the S600 Carpet Installation Standard

July 16, 2014—Jim Walker, CEO with Certified Floorcovering Installer (CFI), and Kemp Harr, discuss the CFI's annual meeting scheduled for September 5-6, in New Orleans. This year's meeting is being held in conjunction with the FIANA group. Listen to the interview to hear more about this joint event and also hear an update on the S600 carpet installation standard that has been under development for over 4 years.

Geert Roelens-Beaulieu International Group-Announces $200 Million U.S. HQ in Cartersville, Georgia

July 15, 2014—Geert Roelens, CEO with Beaulieu International Group (BIG), and Kemp Harr, discuss yesterday's big news that BIG is building a manufacturing plant and a U.S. headquarters on one campus in Cartersville, Georgia. BIG is committing to spend $200 million and hire 350 employees. The plant will produce 16 foot wide cushioned sheet vinyl. Listen to the interview for more details.

Kermit Baker Discusses His Outlook for 2014 in the Commercial and Residential Economic Sectors

July 11, 2014—Kermit Baker, a Harvard Economist who focuses on the architectural sector and U.S. housing market, and Kemp Harr, discuss the economic outlook for both sectors. Listen to the interview to hear Kermit's take on the AIA Billing Index and what's holding back the housing market.

Dave Snedeker Discusses the Atlanta Rug Market and Nebraska Furniture Mart's Business

Jully 10, 2014—Dave Snedeker, Merchandise Manager with Nebraska Furniture Mart, and Kemp Harr discuss the trends from this week's Rug Show in Atlanta. Listen to the interview to hear what's going on in Atlanta this week as well as how NFM is tracking in flooring sales with its three megastores in the midwest that sell furniture, floorcovering, appliances and home electornics.