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A news and interviews program, our news coverage focuses on the players and events from all segments of the industry including; suppliers, manufacturers distributors and members of the retail community.

Paul Murray Discusses Shaw's Shift in Focus with its Evergreen Recycling Facilites

July 17, 2015—Paul Murray, VP of Sustainability with Shaw Industries, and Kemp Harr discuss Shaw's evolving Evergreen recycling program as they shift from operations in Augusta to a repurposed facility in Ringgold, Georgia. Listen to the interview for more details on why Shaw is shutting down its depolymerization plant in Augusta and expanding the types of yarns it can recycle in Ringgold.

Eric Demaree Discusses the Key Components for Success with Carpet One

July 16, 2015—Eric Demaree, President of Carpet One Floor and Home, and Kemp Harr discuss the highlights of the Summer Convention and the key ingredients for success with independent floorcovering retailers. Listen to the interview for more details.

Cathy Buchanan Discusses the Rapid Growth in Her Michigan Retail Flooring Store

July 15, 2015—Cathy Buchanan, Operations Manager at Independent Carpet One in Westland, Michigan, and Kemp Harr discuss the 29% year-to-date growth in Cathy's retail store. Listen to the interview to hear more about her advertising and product mix strategy.

Andy Brumlow Discusses Area Rug Trends and Oriental Weaver's New Products

July 13, 2015—Andy Brumlow, VP of Product Development with Oriental Weavers, and Kemp Harr discuss trends in area rug sales. Listen to the interview to hear more information about key products introduced at the Atlanta Rug Market as well as a background on Oriental Weavers, the world's largest producer of man made area rugs.

Brandon Culpepper Discusses Rug Market Trends and Karastan's New Rugs

July 10, 2015—Brandon Culpepper, VP of Specialty Sales for Karastan (Mohawk Home), and Kemp Harr discuss the latest rug introductions and market trends in the area rug business. Listen to the interview, recorded at the Atlanta Rug Market, to hear more about price points, channel to market and product trends.

Santo Torcivia Discusses His Estimate of Home Depot's Marketshare in Retail Carpet Sales

July 9, 2015—Santo Torcivia, Economist with Market Insights LLC, and Kemp Harr discuss Home Depot's carpet marketshare and the industry shift toward store brands. Listen to the interview to hear how Santo calculates his marketshare estimates.

Jeff Macco Discusses Home Depot's Launch of Life Proof Carpet

July 7, 2015—Jeff Macco, CEO with Macco's Floor Covering, and Kemp Harr discuss Home Depot's launch of LifeProof Carpet. While this may seem odd, Jeff happened to be shopping in Home Depot when a Home Depot VP was training the store staff on this "Major" fall carpet roll out. Listen to the interview for details on the product, the magnitude of the launch, the price points, the positioning strategy as well as Home Depot's core focus in the flooring department moving forward. Also hear how Jeff plans to counteract this strategy as a competitor who likes to put his retail stores nearby.

Steve Griffith Discusses His Career as the Steward of the Stainmaster Brand

July 2, 2015 — Steve Griffity, Retiring Chief Marketing Officer with Invista, and Kemp Harr, discuss Steve's focus for the past 15 years as the steward of the Stainmaster Brand. Listen to the interview to hear Steve talk about the highlights of his career with first DuPont and then Invista.

Gary Cissell Discusses Mill Creek's Retail Flooring Business Based in Tulsa

July 1, 2015—Gary Cissell, President at Mill Creek Flooring (a 16 store regional flooring chain based in Tulsa, Oklahoma), and Kemp Harr discuss business conditions and flooring sales in the midwest. Listen to the interview to hear more about their recent uptick in business.

Alan Fennell Discusses Milliken's Foray into the LVT Business

June 26, 2015—Alan Fennell, Resilient Flooring Market Director for Milliken, and Kemp Harr discuss Milliken's news NeoCon that the firm is launching a line of LVT products to the commercial market. Listen to the interview to hear more about the 109 styles and their decision to enter this rapidly growing category.