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A news and interviews program, our news coverage focuses on the players and events from all segments of the industry including; suppliers, manufacturers distributors and members of the retail community.

Jeff Hamar Discusses Gallehers Rapid Growth in the Flooring Distribution Sector

November 5, 2015—Jeff Hamar, owner of Galleher, a California based flooring distributor, and Kemp Harr discuss the business strategy behind Galleher's rapid growth in the distribution sector. Listen to the interview to hear how Galleher has grown to $175 million in annual revenue from $95 million four years ago.

Tom Jennings Discusses the CFI Convention Scheduled in Dallas Next Week

November 4, 2015—Tom Jennings, VP of Professional Development for the World Floor Covering Association (WFCA), and Kemp Harr discuss the planning and anticipated attendance at the Certified Floorcovering Installers (CFI) convention scheduled for November 12 to the 14 in Dallas, Texas. Listen to the interview to hear Tom talk about the changes that have been made to this annual event now that the CFI is owned by the WFCA.

Paul Friederichsen Discusses the NeoCon East Show Held in Philadelphia Last Week

November 3, 2015—Paul Friederichsen, Owner of BrandBiz, and Kemp Harr discuss the NeoCon East show held last week in Philadelphia. Listen to the interview to hear more about the traffic and participation from the floorcovering industry.

Doug Young Discusses HPS Schönox's First Distributor Meeting

November 2, 2015—Doug Young, Executive VP with HPS Schönox, and Kemp Harr discuss the firm's first annual distributor meeting held recently in Florence, Alabama. Listen to the interview to hear more about the focus of the meeting and the success Schönox has had since the company entered the U.S. market three years ago.

Jay Smith Discusses the Highlights of the FEI Group's Annual Meeting in Tucson

October 30, 2015—Jay Smith, President of the FEI Group, and Kemp Harr discuss the highlights of Floor Expo's annual meeting held this week in Tucson, Arizona. Listen to the interview to learn how this successful group of flooring contractors are doing and what they are doing to make their businesses even better.

Larry Barr Discusses Floors Inc.'s Builder Focused Flooring Business in Texas

October 29, 2015—Larry Barr, President and CEO with Floors Inc., and Kemp Harr discuss trends and challenges in the builder focused flooring market in Texas. Listen to the interview to learn more about Floors Inc. which is the 25th largest flooring dealer in the U.S.

Ed Woolley Discusses the Growth of Flooring Solutions in the Carolinas

October 28, 2015—Ed Woolley, a partner with Flooring Solutions, and Kemp Harr discuss the growth, market focus and challenges that this commercial flooring contractor is successfully managing. Listen to the interview to hear more about this Charlotte based business which has been a Starnet member for 4 years.

Leah Ledoux Discusses Her Strategic Account Role within Starnet

Leah Ledoux, Director of Strategic Accounts at Starnet, and Kemp Harr discuss Leah's accomplishments in her first 6 months in this position. Listen to the interview to hear about how she is raising the visibility of Starnet in areas that will bring the organization more business.

Jeanne Matson Discusses the Highlights of the Fall Starnet Meeting

October 26, 2015—Jeanne Matson, President and CEO of Starnet and Kemp Harr, discuss the highlights of the fall Starnet meeting which took place in Boston this weekend. Listen to the interview to hear about the strength of the commercial floorcovering contractor business and about the topics that were covered in the meeting.  These topics highlight issues that commercial contractors are dealing with in the marketplace.

Lew Migliore Discusses Concrete Moisture and Flooring Installation Issues

October 23, 2015—Lew Migliore, an industry consultant with LGM and Associates, talks about the ongoing issues with concrete moisture in the commercial market and his view on the current installer issues in the residential retail sector. Listen to the interview for more details.

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