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A news and interviews program, our news coverage focuses on the players and events from all segments of the industry including; suppliers, manufacturers distributors and members of the retail community.

Dave Snedeker Discusses the NFA Fall Meeting and Business Conditions at Nebraska Furniture Mart

October 5, 2015—Dave Snedeker, President of the National Floorcovering Alliance (NFA) and Flooring Merchandising Manager at Nebraska Furniture Mart (NFM), and Kemp Harr discuss current business conditions at retail and the highlights of the NFA meeting held last week in San Diego, California. Listen to the interview to hear more about the NFA meeting and what is selling at NFM.

Interior Designer Abbey Kesten Discusses Her Observations After Attending the Cersaie Tile Show

October 2, 2015—Abbey Kesten, a commercial Interior designer with the Rockwell Group in New York, and Kemp Harr discuss Abbey's observations after having spent three days at the Cersaie tile show in Bologna, Italy. Listen to the interview to hear more details and learn how this experience has broadened her perspective on the tile market.

Joe Lundgren Discusses Cersaie Tile Trends That Will Be Popular in the U.S. Market

October 1, 2015—Joe Lundgren, with Joseph Lundgren Consulting, and Kemp Harr discuss the new tile introductions at Cersaie this year that will hit the mark in the U.S. market in both the residential and commercial sectors. Listen to the interview for more details.

Cristina Faedi Discusses This Years' Fashion Trends in the Global Tile Market

September 30, 2015—Cristina Faedi, Marketing Director for Ceramic Tiles of Italy, and Kemp Harr discuss the global tile trends that are predominately being introduced at the Cersaie show in Bologna Italy this week. Listen to the interview for more details about the latest fashion in this industry.

Armando Cafiero Discusses Cersaie and the Growth of Italian Tile Consumption in the U.S.

September 29, 2015—Armando Cafiero, Managing Director of the Italian Ceramic Industry, and Kemp Harr discuss highlights from the 33rd Cersaie show, the largest ceramic tile show in the world, and the growth of both the exports and the number of Italian tile companies who now own factories in the U.S. Listen to the interview to hear how the Italians continue to maintain their leadership status in this industry.

Mahesh Ramanujam Discusses the Challenges the USGBC Faces and His Credentials as the Rising CEO

September 23, 2015—Mahesh Ramanujam, incoming CEO of the USGBC, and Kemp Harr discuss Mahesh's background with Lenovo, IBM, the past six years at USGBC and how it's prepared him for his leadership role with the U.S. Green Building Council. Listen to the interview to hear about the organization's challenges to remain relevant in the future of the global built environment.

Pami Bhullar Discusses the Secret to Connecting with Today's Floorcovering Consumer

September 22, 2015—Pami Bhullar, Director of Retail Development for the Stainmaster brand, and Kemp Harr discuss Pami's observations on what works in today's market when a sales associate is working with a consumer on a floorcovering purchase decision. Listen to the interview for more details. Pami is giving a free seminar on this topic on October 2 in Atlanta. Pami has spent the last 17 years of his life working with retailers to help them be more successful.

Brendan Phillips with Smart Carpet on His Mobile Truck Approach to Selling Floors to Consumers

September 17, 2015—Brendan Phillips, Owner of Smart Carpets and Flooring, and Kemp Harr discuss Brendan's unique mobile shop at home model for selling floorcovering to consumers. Listen to the interview to hear about the history of Smart Carpet and Flooring and about the shift in consumers' priorities since the last recession.

Tim Baucom Discusses His New Leadership in Shaw's Residential Business

September 16, 2015—Tim Baucom, Executive Vice President for Shaw's residential business and Kemp Harr discuss Tim's promotion and the background in his career that has prepared him for this position. Listen to the interview for more details.

NAHB Economist David Crowe Discusses the Current and Future Pace of Home Building

David Crowe, Chief Economist with the National Association of Home Builders, and Kemp Harr discuss the current housing figures and the factors that have been keeping the growth down to a moderate pace. Listen to the interview to hear more on this plus what action the Feds may take later in the week and the outlook for housing in 2016.