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Floor Focus is a monthly magazine of analysis and education for the floor covering industry's interconnected business sectors: retailers, distributors, contract dealers, manufacturers, architects, designers and commercial end users. While Floor Daily gives you the news, Floor Focus tells you what the news means for your business.

Flooring Needs in Healthcare: Flooring opportunities in an evolving market - Oct 2015   Full Article
Editor Jessica Chevalier writes about the acute care market and how it is evolving, including a section on the hospitals of tomorrow as well as a section on the science of creating a healing environment.

Independent Contractor or Employee: Agencies are cracking down on retailers - Oct 2015   Full Article
Bradford G. Harvey, a Tennessee lawyer specializing in labor and employment, offers a comprehensive overview of the issues surrounding the misclassification of employees as independent contractors, along with the legal challenges in specific cases.

Installation standards, WFCA and CFI, Mullican's 30th: Strategic Exchange - Oct 2015   Full Article
Publisher Kemp harr discusses the installer problem and on CRI's revised carpet installation standard, and he also weighs in on CFI becoming a division of WFCA. The column also includes a report on Mullican's celebration of its 30th anniversary.

Hollander Design Group's Viveca Bissonnette: Focus on Leadership - Oct 2015   Full Article
Publisher Kemp Harr interviews Viveca Bissonnette, discussing her career path and mentors as well as the development of the modern office design and the role of flooring in that evolution.

Studio Hive designs MarketingLab's new offices: Designer Forum - Oct 2015   Full Article
Rebecca Kundysek, a designer with Studio Hive, describes the challenges her firm faced in designing an interior to a historic building, as well as how Mohawk carpet tile helped achieve the vision of the designers.

CB Flooring's Eastern Seaboard operations: Best Practices - Oct 2015   Full Article
Editor Jessica Chevalier profiles CB Flooring, an 18-year-old firm serving both the residential and commercial markets in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia through two retail operations, two commercial businesses and two to-th-trade locations.

SEO vs PPC--What are they and why should you invest in them? - Oct 2015   Full Article
Digital Evolution—Jay Flynn, VP of sales and marketing at Creating Your Space, offers a comprehensive comparison of SEO and PPC tools, and makes a case for why each of these Internet tools can help increase store traffic and sales.

Engineered products take marketshare despite falling lumber prices - Oct 15   Full Article
Wood Cuts—Contributing editor Brett Miller, vice president of education and certification for the National Wood Flooring Association, discusses the growth in engineered flooring and explains its growth in the current market.