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Floor Focus is a monthly magazine of analysis and education for the floor covering industry's interconnected business sectors: retailers, distributors, contract dealers, manufacturers, architects, designers and commercial end users. While Floor Daily gives you the news, Floor Focus tells you what the news means for your business.

Ceramic Tile Report - April 2014   Full Article
Editor Jessica Chevalier takes a close look at the state of the ceramic tile industry, including import and consumption statistics as well as trends in design, construction and format, and she also reports on leading tile manufacturers.

Cleaning & Maintenance: Focus on carpet fiber - April 2014   Full Article
Editor Darius Helm takes a look at the inherent cleanability of the different fiber types, and also takes a look at how the different fibers are treated to enhance their performance characteristics. A box on IICRC standards is also included.

Industry developments: Dancik, RFMS, QFloors, Rollmaster and more   Full Article
April 2014—Editor Darius Helm on the state of flooring software for residential retailers. A close look at programs offered by the various developers and a focus on the biggest challenges retailers face in adopting comprehensive software systems.

Revestir 2014: A review of Brazil's tile show - April 2014   Full Article
Contributing editor Ruth McRae offers a review of Revestir, which is held annually in Sao Paulo, Brazil's largest city. The report includes design trends and reviews of products from Portinari, Eliane, Portobello, Gail, Dune and others.

Dixie and Atlas, CRI, WFCA and the S600 standard   Full Article
Strategic Exchange April 2014—Publisher Kemp Harr discusses Dixie's acquisition of Atlas, Joe Yarbrough in his new role as president of the CRI, its relationship to WFCA's new leadership, and an update of the S600 carpet installation standard.

Enzo Mularoni, president of Del Conca: Focus on Leadership   Full Article
April 2014—Publisher Kemp Harr interviews Enzo Mularoni about Del Conca, an Italian tile firm purchased by Mularoni and his father in 1979, with a focus on the firm's new role as a U.S. manufacturer with the completion of its facility in Tennessee.

California's Interiors & Textiles: Best Practices - April 2014   Full Article
Contributing editor Sonya Jennings profiles Interiors & Textiles, which focuses on the customer in its high end Silicon Valley retail operation, which has been in business since 1955.

Company Culture: Successful Selling - April 2014   Full Article
Contributing editor Sam Allman discusses the role of company culture in the success of flooring retailers, including the company's collection of beliefs, values, work styles and relationships, as well as how to build and maintain a strong culture.

Antimicrobial and photocatalytic technologies: Tile Files   Full Article
April 2014—Noah Chitty, director of technical services for crossville, discusses the technologies in its Hydrotect finish, which uses titanium dioxide along with silver and copper to clean surface and remove particles and contaminates from the air.

Shaw's Merritt, Mohawk's Lape, Armstrong's Mangas   Full Article
April 2014 Industry Barometer—Industry leaders weigh in on the importance for today's consumers to recognize flooring brands, with each industry leader offering a unique perspective.