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Floor Focus is a monthly magazine of analysis and education for the floor covering industry's interconnected business sectors: retailers, distributors, contract dealers, manufacturers, architects, designers and commercial end users. While Floor Daily gives you the news, Floor Focus tells you what the news means for your business.

Sustainability: New Developments and Producer Highlights   Full Article
Aug/Sep 2014—Executive editor Darius Helm takes a look at developments in sustainability over the last year, including a LEED update and highlights from over 20 leading green manufacturers, including Shaw, Interface, Mohawk, Forbo, Mannington and Tarkett.

The Greening of LVT: Mannington, Armstrong, Tarkett and others   Full Article
Aug/Sep 2014—Executive editor Darius Helm reports on the state of LVT sustainability, LVT investments by mega mills like Shaw and Mohawk, green chemistries, and sustainability highlights from the leading suppliers to the domestic market.

CARE updates and progress on PET reclamation: Reclamation Report   Full Article
Aug/Sep 2014—Executive editor Darius Helm takes a close look at the issues surrounding the reclamation of low-value PET and what the big PET producers—Shaw, Mohawk, Beaulieu, Engineered Floors and Phenix—are doing to fix the problem.

Losing marketshare doesn't mean losing spirit: Laminate Report   Full Article
Aug/Sep 2014—Features editor Jessica Chevalier reports on the state of the laminate industry, including styling, price points, challenges from LVT, and highlights from suppliers, including Mannington, Armstrong, Mohawk, Kronotex, Shaw and Clarion.

Florida Tile Celebrates 60 Years - Aug/Sep 2014   Full Article
Publisher Kemp Harr puts together Florida Tile's story from its humble beginnings as a trim tile factory (purchased for $8,000) to its position as the North American subsidiary of one of the largest tile firms in the world, Italy's Panaria Group.

Baby boomers, carpet share, U.S. investments, and wool   Full Article
Aug/Sep 2014—Publisher Kemp Harr discusses waning baby boomer influence, mass retirements, income inequality, investments in domestic production, carpet's continued loss of share, and Prince Charles and his Campaign for Wool.

Penny Bonda, sustainability leader: Focus on Leadership   Full Article
Aug/Sep 2014—Publisher Kemp Harr interviews Penny Bonda, partner at Ecoimpact Consulting, covering her work with USGBC on the LEED Commercial Interiors rating system, the focus on transparency and her second edition of Sustainable Commercial Interiors.

Concrete and Teak hardwood set the stage for a beach house: Designer Forum   Full Article
Aug/Sep 2014—Robert Kerr of Robert Kerr Architecture Design describes his work on Silver Strand, a 3,000 square foot beach house in Oxnard California, with a special focus on how the flooring material echoes the relationship of sea and sand.

Flaherty's Flooring America: Best Practices   Full Article
Aug/Sep 2014—Features editor Jessica Chevalier profiles Flaherty's Flooring America, a Houston, Texas based retailer who credits much of his firm's success to community involvement with school children and the personal touches he uses with his customers.

The reawakening of the ceramic craft: Tile Files   Full Article
Aug/Sep 2014—Ryan Fasan, technical consultant for Tile of Spain, discusses the trend toward authentic handmade and artisanal tiles, with examples from Natucer, Aparici, Tau, Ceracasa and Dune.